Spend With Ukraine Gift kits for Hollywood stars

Spend With Ukraine Gift kits for celebrities 

Spend with Ukraine wraps up gift kits with Ukrainian products for special guests who visit to show their support.

Gadgets from Petcube, exceptional ceramics from Gunia project, sustainable hygienic products from effa, patriotic shirts from Etnodim, Syndicate Clothing or Keepstyle, handmade concrete chess from proprofurniture, exciting books from Ukraїner or Osnovy Publishing, organic cosmetics from Free on Friday, sustainable candles from Rekava: are just a few examples of world-class Ukrainian products everyone should have.

For packaging we choose up-cycled bags: hand embroidery and parachute fabric combines in a truly stylish and modern way, only emphasizing the quality of the Ukrainian creative entrepreneurs. 

Handpicking leading products from every category, we rotate the highlighted businesses every time to evenly manage the exposure.

Bono, Ben Stiller, Sean Penn, and Jessica Chastain have already received them and were surprised by their quality and originality.

There are still so many things with Ukrainian roots that can be presented to your friends, business partners, or lovers.

The world is going to see and experience a very different Ukraine it might've used to while looking at us through the incredible, innovative, and exciting new products they wish they had learned about earlier.

Spend With Ukraine to stand with Ukraine.

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