UA brand outfits styled by Galina Arkhi for SWU

Are you a devoted follower of fashion? We are. 

We want to introduce you Galina Arkhi. She is a Ukrainian model and stylist currently based in London.

“I prefer not to separate outfits into "everyday" and "evening." What's the point of hiding your favorite silk pants in the closet in anticipation of the holiday if they can give pleasure right now, on an ordinary Tuesday?”.

We asked Galina to create 8 outfits using Ukrainian brands from the Spend With Ukraine list. Any of them can be worn both for coffee on a leisurely weekend morning and for a work meeting (if you don't have a very strict dress code 😅).


Katimo Galanthus Pants

Katimo Jeans Corset

Sleeper Lulu Shearling Slippers in Cream 

JUL Milk Linen Shirt

Bevza Sailor Boat Neckles 


Katimo Galanthus Skirt 

JUL Milk Top With A Rubber Band 

Keepstyle Sweatshirt Mriya 

Sleeper Manon Mules with Detachable Feathers in Black

Brua Jewellery Golden RING ’1’

Ruslan Baginskiy Wide Brim Bucket Hat


JUL Olive Pajama Blouse

Elena Reva Midi Skirt Olive

Triptychessence Solid perfume jewelry 

Sleeper Lulu Shearling Slippers in Red

Keepstyle Sweatshirt Cuddle  

*tie on the shoulders or on the hips for a color accent


Katimo Freedom Corset

Katimo Black Slippers

Litkovska Carry Over Lili Jeans 

Lutiki Seed from Ukraine 


Anna October Iris Top

Sinobi Geta

Katimo Sophia Skirt 

Lutiki Scrunchie Choker 


HVOYA Rona Loafers

HVOYA Sunday Tote Bag

Ruslan Baginskiy Combined Bucket Hat 

Litkovska Vica Versa Shirt 

Norba clothing Ruche Swim Skirt Ivory    


JUL Yellow Knitted Bra 

Ruslan Baginskiy Bucket Hat

HVOYA Ballerinas Mini Jane

  • vintage black jacket 


Norba clothing Fine Knit Pants Black

Norba clothing Fine Knit Cardigan Black

HVOYA Freedom Mules 

Lutiki Crab Clip 

We hope, that you choose something for yourself!

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